The Mothership Favorite

Every month here at Groom Lake Gifts we like to share our personal Mothership Favorite...this month it is our Sweet Heat BBQ sauce, a perfect blend of Apple Cider Vinegar & Sweet Molasses and with a touch-of-heat from cayenne pepper. Perfect on ribs, pork steaks, pulled pork, chicken, and also great as a dipping sauce for French fries and garlic bread! If this is your first time at Groom Lake, be sure and Get Saucer'd with a Sweet Heat 3 Pack today!



    Summer is here, which means it is time to fire up the grill in the backyard. While there are a good deal of folks who know what they are doing when grilling, there are still those that are new to grilling who might just need a little help... here are just a few recommendations you might find handy.

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    This weeks recipie is one of the very best barbecued, rotteserrie chickens we have ever tasted! It's simple, yet contains a couple of twist and turns (no pun intended) that bring it to the very top of our cullinary backyard feast. grab a cold one and lets get moving.

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    Here is wihere you can find all things amusing, somewhat odd, downright strange and pretty dang cool...all involving either little green men, the greys, space ships, science fiction, groom lake, area 51 and 51.1, and anything strange and considered unknown.

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